Street art and street food influence the look

This new Wynwood lounge is all about the graffiti. Don’t worry – there are drinks, too.

This new Wynwood lounge is all about the graffiti. Don’t worry – there are drinks, too

Wynwood is the place to go if you want to see graffiti art. And now, at the neighborhood’s new graffiti-inspired lounge, you can enjoy it in a cool, air-conditioned room without sweating your way around Wynwood Walls.

Graffiti is the backbone of concept and design of the new Vandalo Wynwood. Works by local artists and neon installation shape the vibe. You’re encouraged to drink and eat there, of course, and there will be music. But don’t forget to look at the walls.

The menu will be inspired by ethnic street food. Think Ecuadorian-style green plantain empanadas stuffed with cheese and avocado dip with plantain chips.

Because this is Wynwood, the bar will also serve craft cocktails (at this point in time it’s almost certainly against the law to open a lounge without serving craft cocktails).

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    16th March 2018

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  • Judy Cole

    16th March 2018

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Welcome to Vandalo’s guest list.